megan writes.

Nifty, isn't it?

It's a complete sentence. A bold declaration! A gentle reminder? Lacking proper capitalization?

I'm a writer. I love foxes and the color orange.

I'm in the midst of finishing a really fun young adult series and am so thankful everyday that I can wake up and call myself a writer.

I spent quite a few years as a reporter, then a corporate writer and now a YA/MG writer. I managed an MFA in Creative Writing before our attempt to repopulate the toddler population in the span of three and a half years.

I'm part Fabulous Thunderbirds, part Pantera. I'm a Metallica superfan and an Ed Sheeran fangirl. A believer. A seeker. Big fan of candles and gingerbread.

I love to drink wine, but I don't anymore. I'm a tea fanatic and a coffee addict.