Friday, June 19, 2009

Can she do it? (Yes, she can!)

Anybody have to watch hours upon hours of "Bob the Builder?" His theme songs is catchy. (See title.)
I'm hoping I can, anyway.

The great news is that on a lark, I entered a contest and pitched a story idea to an editor. I had the typical Eeyore thinking that I never win anything, that I'm the last to be chosen for dodgeball. You know how it goes...

Well the word came into today that my logline was selected. Next Wednesday, I get to pitch my manuscript to the real, life editor of the book line.

Wait, wait, wait. Did you say "manuscript?" As in, um...completed?

Heh, heh...funny thing know, I'm a little behind. A lot behind. So I've got a mad dash until June 24 to get my story knit together and ready to roll. I'm thrilled beyond belief, believe me. Just a little overwhelmed. And annoyed at my procrastinating ways.

Let the scramble to the summit commence...

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