Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What's Not to Love?

How can I help but love you?

Boy Wonder

I love the way your two front teeth are a bit crooked. I love the fact that it makes your grin even wider and more dramatic. I love how you are always smiling. And laughing.

I love your fearlessness. It’s new and it’s impressive. You are a bold young man and I can’t wait to see how far you go in your adventures.

I love the way you think. I love how your mind works in complex Lego riddles and you are always trying to fit two ideas or concepts together, regardless of whether they are supposed to or not.

I love the way you bargain with me. From an extra few minutes on the computer to a way out of eating the last bits of lasagna, you are a deal maker, my son.

I love the way you love your family. It’s unconditional and it’s fierce.


I love your face. Each morning when I pull you out of your bed, I want to smoosh your cheeks and chew on your nose. You have the face of a trash-talkin’, bossy little angel and it melts me.

I love the way you talk. Like some Brooklyn mobster from the ‘30s, you end every statement with a “Yeah.” It’s adorable.

“Do you want more milk, Boo?” “More milk, yeah…”

I love the way you hug. Hugging is a new thing for you but when you want one, it’s a neck squeezer for sure and we feel every ounce of your love within it.

I love your need to leave. Constantly. You’ll stand by the gate in your diaper, shoes, coat and hat ready to go…just to be certain we don’t leave you behind. Not that we ever could, but you need to be ready.

I love the fact that you’re the only other person in the house who will eat banana bread with me. I love the fact that you insist on helping me make it. I even love the fact that you drag the chair into the kitchen any time somebody steps foot near the stove. I love your companionship. I love who you are becoming.


I love you. Above all else.

I love the way we wait each other out in the morning when it’s time to get the yelling baby out of his bed and start the morning routine. I love how you always seem to win and I don’t hold it against you. There’s always tomorrow…

I love the way you tolerate my quirks. From the unscrewed milk caps to the way I accidentally hide everything that belongs to you, I love you for your patience and acceptance of me. I love that I can make you laugh with my more outlandish stunts.

I love the man you are. Your own. In a world of constantly changing tides and slippery slopes, the man you were yesterday is the same no-nonsense, practical guy you’ll be tomorrow. No amount of ups and downs or freaky bad news texts from me can throw you and you always seem to calm me down. Amazing, really.

I love your obsession with chocolate and peanut butter. Despite it not being at the top of my list, I like knowing the things that make you happy. Supremely happy. Sublimely happy. I like that there are things out there that can still elicit a child-like grin and enthusiasm from you and it’s my mission to find more.

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