Sunday, March 13, 2011

Lenten Hiatus: Giving up and Giving back

Today is the first Sunday of Lent and liturgically speaking, we're in the wilderness with Christ in today's readings.

I missed Ash Wednesday and was caught up in my blogging, tweeting, and internet surfing, I'm sure.

In the rush of life lately, something has been missing. A deeper connection with God. With my husband. With my kids. A shallow connection with millions of strangers who don't contribute positively to my day to day. I'm a "watcher" and a "collector" of links and ideas that are drowning me.

So, instead of giving up something "bad" like I normally do, I am giving up my social media addiction and am going to concentrate on focus. Focus on God. My marriage. My kids. My job. My writing. All without the constant social chatter and distractions.

I'm also going to think about the 'giving back' part and what that means. Whose life can I better? Who can I help within my time-crunched and humble means? I know there's more out there for me to be doing and I'm on a quest to find it...

I'm hoping I come back a little more centered. A little more focused. A little more "me" and a lot more "here."

I'll be back soon. Until then, love to you all!!

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