Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tuesdays with Laundry

There are no wise words today. No sad words, no declarations. Not much other than some soap and dryer sheets...maybe a glimpse into the 80s with me. Does anyone else have memories of childhood that seem to involve laundromats? Lots of laundromats?

I grew up for a spell in Chester, Vermont and I distinctly remember a few things about that beautiful little town...one of them being the laundromat.

I remember eating an entire pack of gum I stole out of my mom's purse underneath the folding table. I remember playing with a deck of Captain Caveman playing cards I'd gotten for Christmas from my aunt Dee. I remember finding a $20 bill outside in a snowbank and feeling like the luckiest four-year old in the world because my mom let me pick out a candybar at Gould's store.

Our washing machine is a piece of crap right now and either will, or won't, depending on the moon's gravitational pull and what color underwear you happen to have on, drain the water during the spin cycle.

Sometimes you have clean clothes, sometimes you have dirty clothes soup.

Out of socks and sick of "questionable" sweatshirts, the Boo and I loaded up 800 pounds of laundry and hit the Jewel Lake Washateria and hung out together. Turns out, wasn't so bad. What's more? He seems to be the laundromat fan that I always was.

And just to be super helpful and nerdy, here's a couple links to great laundry tips and advice. Who says you've got nothing new to learn on a Tuesday afternoon?

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Happy Tuesday!


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  1. FAB photo op... LOVE it... (while I hate hauling laundry back and forth, there is something kinda cool about the "time out"... )