Monday, April 15, 2013

anybody know what a birthday deathbed is?

i say i'm a 'child of the 90s' like it was last week and not twenty years ago.

TWENTY YEARS ago i was 14.

i listened to breeders' "cannonball," and "linger" by the cranberries. pearl jam had come out with "daughter" and i think i wore out the track on my friend alicia's cd on the bus trip to regionals that year. (coronado swimming...woooooo!)

i wore doc martens and flannel shirts, even in el paso where the heat is pretty much on point until that three-week span in december.

i loved stone temple pilots. LOOOOOOVED stone temple pilots and harbored this undying love for that knucklehead scott weiland and his amazing purple hair. (not to say that i didn't go ba-nay-nays for swv and tlc and all manner of acronymed all-female hip hop groups also, but my hearthrobs were the grubby lookin' guys who sang about crap that flew so far over my head, i was CONVINCED they were geniuses...)

today "dead and bloated" came on the radio as the kids and i were driving around in my truck mooing at the longhorn herd that lives near us. i turned it up and sang out loud as embarrassingly possible, but dom's always a good sport about music and the tinies in the backseat are too young to care how obnoxious i look.

but then, the mood in the truck changed.

"what's a birthday deathbed?"


dom asked an innocent enough question, i guess. he's always interested in what artists mean and i can usually BS with the best of them...once convincing him that a "juicy j" song was all about musical groups performing so well that girls couldn't help but dance. (need a clue? see: "bands to make her dance" and tell me i'm not THAT good.)

but seriously...what the ham was a birthday deathbed? and why was scott weiland smelling like a rose that somebody gave him on it? and why did i think it was such a cool song when i was a sophomore when clearly i had no idea what it meant.

and let's just be honest for a second and assume that even scott weiland probably had no clue what he meant by it, either.

i shrugged and turned it up louder, drowning out any possible questions about "when she peeks i start to run."

seriously. no clue.

lord help me if he ever stumbles on 2 Live Crew, ya'll..


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  1. well, at least with Two Live Crew, you KNOW what they mean. :/ STP always had lyrics that confound me. Totally get "when she peeks I start to run though." Even if it was "peaks" I get it. I think they use lots of metaphors.