Saturday, June 29, 2013

A Lucky Blanket and Another Shark Baby

It's Saturday. It's really, really hot and it's Saturday.

We didn't go anywhere today until we absolutely had to, so while the girls slept I had a chance to catch up a little bit on the sewing I need to finish this month. Lauren's fight is in a couple weeks (two? yikes!) and Boy Wonder and I put together a small quilt for her to travel with to all her fights. I picked out some girl-ish fabrics but not girl-y. (There's a huge difference between the two, you know...)

Boy Wonder grabbed some of my embroidery supplies and drew a "You Rock" panel himself and stitched it himself. (Amazeballs, right?)

Today I finally got a chance to assemble the quilt top. We'll get the batting and backing done tomorrow and hopefully get it to her in the next week. Yaaay!

And then there's this beauty.

Did you know she turns 1 this coming month? She does. You know what else? She's cutting no less than SIX (seis, sitta, sau, chwech, sehs, seks, roku) teeth. She's adorable, but she's sleep's number one enemy right now.

Onward through the fog, folks...


  1. Such a cutie! And how awesome is that quilt?!

    1. I've missed you, Miss Valiant!!!!

  2. Awwww adorable ninja baby!!! So stinking cute :) Miss you girly.