Thursday, April 10, 2014

stuff of life: state plates

my mom's an expert thrift store shopper.

in her world, i'm the noobest of noobs and add in the fact that now i usually have four kids in tow, i'm a near nightmare when it comes to thrifting.

but i've been itching to poke through used stuff lately, so early on a thursday morning, we dropped off the fourth grader and zoomed up and down the aisles.

first things first.

is it just me or does it seem that whatever the color of the day special is (it was yellow tag day when i was there), there are NO items in that color on the shelves? are they messing with us?

i don't have the patience or the stomach to zip through the clothes. they usually smell like cigarettes and mothballs. or pee.

i'm always on the hunt for three things:

1. furniture that i can do gruesome mod podge experiments on
2. kitchenware (namely china cups and saucers, milk glass, and all sorts of pyrex)
3. art. i like frames mostly, but i've found a few winners this past year

what i was NOT in the market for, however, were those kitschy state souvenir plates from the 60s.  but i hit the motherlode this week and in a flish/flash/bang instant i was addicted.  i picked up six for a buck each and now i'm on the ebay/etsy hunt. i love these things and i've stopped to wonder more than once...where have they been all my life?

i also found a really, really ugly china cup and saucer that looks like its straight outta the 80s, but it makes the clink sound (as opposed to the clunk sound) when cup hits saucer and i bought it for a whopping 0.79 cents! a small investment for feeling fancy when you drink your tea, friends.

also in the haul were two 1973 commemorative glasses from a railroad station in new hampshire and some caverns in missouri. never been to either place, but i'll dream about them while sipping lemonade outta the glasses this summer.

...happy happy....

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  1. Ok... you make me want to thrift, and personally, it's NOT my thing...(but shhh, between you and me, I kinda love the song.) AMEN about the clothes though! AMEN!