Friday, February 13, 2009

FROM THE ARCHIVES: April 3, 2005

A long time ago, in a galaxy far away, I used my blog on MySpace a ton. I had witty little blog-like conversations in my head and always hurried to the nearest computer to scribble it down, lest that gem be forgotten. These days, it's a struggle to remember to zip my pants. In times like these, I call on a few favorites from the old blog to keep me going over here. Huzzah! And don't judge the Milli Vanilla, snitches.


Current mood: bitchy

words and i still haven't made up... in fact, i was so devastated from the last fight we had that i went out and ordered cable again just to make those fickle little heartless SOBs jealous. now i don't need them anymore. i've got 203 channels of shit to occupy my time and rot my brain. how you like them apples?? haha!

the weather is a very strange animal in alaska and i think might be the responsible party for this rotten, foul mood i've been in since sunday night.

but when did weather become some jedi master with its mind control? it's made a brainless storm trooper out of me.

"forget happy thoughts," it says as the wind blows open every unbolted door in sight.

"forgetting happy thoughts," i say back.

"you hate everything about yourself," it whispers as it dumps rain on my head.

"my fucking life is pointless," i say in disbelief, never realizing that before.

ok, ok. i'm exaggerating. we all get a little melancholy when it rains...but alaska has this way of jerking your moods around each time it changes its weather patterns...which happens about 6 times a day.

and to think i used to sit in el paso, home of no weather patterns other than sandstorms, and complain for a change once in a while. i must be the luckiest girl on the planet...i seem to get everything i ask for. ;)

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