Monday, March 16, 2009

Cue the Aerosmith music...

'Cause I'm "baaaaack in the saddle again!"

It's day one back at work after a six week maternity leave. Hello! I believe in small victories, and so for the sake of chalking up this Monday in the success category, here are mine:

  • I made it out of bed on time. (Yes, P did stay up with the baby all night and I did get 8 hours of sleep...but still. It could definitely be a good sign of things to come. I make be an on-time riser after all.)
  • I got my fat a#@ in gear started watching what I eat. (It's not so great to be a bazillion pounds overweight postpartum, and it is great to do something, anything to get going in the right direction. Yay me. And for the record: I hate dieting. I am a eat what I want, when I want, get-out-of-my-face-with-your-damned-calories-and-carbohydrates kind of girl.)
  • I wore a dress and did my hair and make up today. (For six weeks I have been in pyjama bottoms until 3 p.m. I wore the same wifebeater tank top for four days in a row at one point in February. My make up bag had dust on it. My hairbrush cried out in pain when I attempted to de-knot my mane.)
  • I drank water today. (Ok, not MUCH, but still SOME.)
  • I blogged today. (You are reading proof of it, actually. This blog is important to me. I want to keep it up.)
  • I had adult converstaions. (This is a HUGE step, though less satisfying than bantering politco with baby A.)

In all, a great first day back on the fast lane. I miss the baby and P, but I know they are fine and enjoying their new schedule.

D returns from his visiting his Dad soon. I can't wait. I'm caught in a constant good v. evil internal fight. I want to both: A) snatch up D and hug the pudding out of him and B) wish his father would swallow a fork and make our lives exponentially easier and quieter.

But I digress. And down a nasty, negative road, no less.

(It was fun while it lasted, wasn't it?)

More tomorrow.

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