Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Burdens: A round for everyone!

I read a great post on one of my favorite Web sites about pride.

The writer was very clear that pride can mean quite a few things and she even provided a list of examples. With bullets, people!

Do you understand how shocking it can be to find your own personality traits on someone else’s pride list? My reaction ran the gamut.

Humbling. Embarrassing. Annoying.

I mention the pride thing because lately things have been relatively smooth. And then I go and trip on my own big ego…

Well, smooth up until the root canal and the brakes going out, and now… money/tax drama. I’d been doing fine, feeling fine, acting fine... thinking I’d finally gotten my stuff and stuff together and whatever wasn’t together, well, it didn’t matter. Obviously.

I guess I’m here to tell you, it most certainly does matter.

This lack of attention to detail…this ignoring the unpleasant tasks in life…guess what? Form of pride. It’s refusing to lower myself to tasks I dislike just to get them checked off my list. And DAMMIT, does it sting when they bite back. That whole Pride before the Fall thing really chaps my hide…

I called P in tears and explained the various stuff and stuffs and sniffled and snotted all over the place and you know what the man told me? Not buying into my pity party, he told me to get it together and keep a little perspective. Not exactly the pity party I wanted, but it got the job done. I un-smudged my mascara and hauled my carcass back up to my desk and went about my day. Work still needed to get done. Kids still needed to get picked up. Dinner still needs to be made.

Life goes on.

I know God has a plan for my life and that it’s a good one. I’d just like a copy of it…complete with a table of contents, a few appendices for further explanation, and a chance to voice an opinion now and then for scheduled and unscheduled surprises. Not gonna happen anytime soon, I know…

An informal poll of my friends revealed that at every given moment, every single one of them is dealing with some sort of energy-sucking trouble. Money. Cars. Spouses. Kids. Houses. Bills. Deadlines. Health scares. The list is endless. But so are the cures.

So while I am not happy that you are rowing your boat against the current alongside me, I am happy for the company.

And when the waters calm, maybe we can split my peanut butter sandwich. Or whatever you packed if it’s better tasting. Just sayin'...

Here's to a better week all around.

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