Friday, February 11, 2011

To Andrew...on the occasion of your second birthday

"Up, up here we go..."

To our very own little Rocketeer,

The fact that I'm writing this in the midst of you cutting your two-year molars and I'm still being nice to you really says something about the type of impression you have made in our lives.

Last year I wrote to you about what an individual you are and, m'dear, that hasn't changed one bit. In fact, I think if it were possible to be MORE of your own person 12 months later, you have figured it out.

Yet, at the same time, there's this full-on affection you bring with you that just takes my breath away. You can melt your daddy with a hug and you can make any owwie better with an "You alright, Mama? You alright?"

Your compassion and your concern for your family is beyond touching and something that is all you...came from within and expresses itself in all sorts of creative ways through your everyday actions.

But let's not forget your sense of humor. As I write this, you are running laps in your diaper around the kitchen table while your Dad studies. You're a raging ball of white hot energy and you make every day with you an adventure.

At this point in your distinguished career you love the following things in the following order:
  • Elmo
  • reruns of America's Funniest Videos (or what you call "Andrew's Show")
  • monkeys
  • going to the "pool" (bath tub!)
  • watching basketball with Mama
  • anything chocolate (with peanut butter is a bonus)
  • dragging a chair to the kitchen and helping during dinner prep
  • doing everything your brother does
  • stealing whatever your brother has
  • diving into bed with your brother at bedtime (his bed, not yours)
  • the dog
  • the cat
  • leaving in the morning (you're very busy and important these days)
  • stealing bags of chips from the hall closet
Life is beautiful and full with you in it and it seems as though you've figured out your place in our family with very little assistance and in your own style. As you get ready to leave the position of "baby" in the family behind, I'm excited to watch you grow into a big brother. What sort of boy will you be? Will you be protective? Will you take all the pink and tiaras in stride?

We have no doubt you will, little man. Family is what drives your world these days and it's going to be a beautiful thing to watch.

Happy Birthday, Boo! We love you!

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