Monday, June 11, 2012

Meet the Neighborhood Welcoming Committee

Katy isn't exactly the wide open prairie. We live next to one of the biggest outlet malls in the state. There's a donut shop around the corner. A brake shop right next to it. If my stomach were lined with lead and I were so inclined, I could find the Jack in the Box less than a mile away, across the street from the Wal-mart.

And yet...

One field over from our place is a collection of three fields.

And in those three fields lives the most extraordinary herd of urban cows I've ever met. They rotate fields constantly and Boo has named each of these fields. There's the breakfast field, the lunch field, and the dinner field.

We drive by our herd to say hello every couple of days and to check on our favorite members. You can meet them, too.

This is Snow White. I'm not even sure if it's a female or if we're going to need to pay for therapy when this baby grows into a teenaged cow...but here "she" is. She's cute and loves the greenery just outside her gate in the breakfast field.

Big Red. She's not all that big, really, but she's a gorgeous shade of red. I also call her "Reba" when the country music station is on. She's usually by herself or with her boyfriend in one of the fields by themselves. Perhaps the rancher has plans for Reba/Big Red to be a mama cow soon. Or maybe she just doesn't play well with the others.

Boo calls this guy "Banana the Donkey" for some reason. I can't even begin to explain the name or how one single donkey peacefully coexists in a herd of longhorn cows. It's great, though.

The black and white guy standing is Boo's favorite. He calls him the "Fat Guy" even though he's got mad ribs sticking out and looks like he could use an extra serving of grass. He's the tallest cow and I think that's why Boo can spot him in whatever field he happens to be munching.

These two cranky cows are always together in a small sub-field. We've seen them grumpy a time or two and they probably hang out by themselves so they don't hurt the herd's many calves that are wondering around, leaving their legos out or asking for a million snacks. As you can see, they live in a field with a bunch of tractor trailers so we appropriately dubbed these two the "Trucker Twins."

Have a fantastic week!


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