Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summer of a 100 Books: June's Book Report

Funny thing happens when you run out of money after a big move and you just so happen to have seems you have to keep entertaining and enriching their lives, even if you're short the $60 it would take to get them into the fancy, amazing, totally-awesome-looking museum in downtown Houston.

Kids are tricky like that.

In the neighborhood we happen to reside in, we straddle a county line. (Doesn't that sound dirty?)  It's not dirty, I assure you. One is called Harris County (that's Houston) and the other is Fort Bend County (that's the Sugar Land area). And both of these lovely counties happened to have built great library branches within three miles of our house and our kids now know both librarians by name. Or sight. Or maybe not at all...but the point is, we've been there so much in our first month back in Texas that they SHOULD know their names by now.

Last summer, Boo and I embarked on a long, exciting adventure at the Anchorage library and devoured what amounted to 117 books from the time Boy Wonder left until the time he returned to start second grade.

This summer, we have Makenna with us, and while it means a lot more hustling up and down aisles after wayward toddlers, it's a great experience for her. Though libraries be warned, she is a book assassin. We will keep her safely in the board book category until she's at least 15 years old at this rate.

So, even though we have about three days left, here's our June report:

1. Trashy Town (Mr. Gilly and his green trash truck had our waste management loving preschooler enthralled for a few days. Definitely a "must purchase" eventually.)
2. Busy Chickens (this one was for Makenna. It was hilarious. Chickens are hilarious.)
3. Lonely Moose
4. LIttle Owl's Night
5. Baby's Art Book (Makenna victim #1)
6. Boynton ABC (Makenna victim #2)
7. Ladybug Girl (Already a victim before we checked it out, but they'll probably blame Makenna anyway)
8. Little Blue Truck Leads the Way by Alice Scherttle (You know Boo and his transportation books)
9. The Witch's Ball by D. Steinberg
10. A Very Brave Witch by A. McGhee
11. Cowboy Ned and Andy by D. Stein
13. Buttons (B. Cole)
14. The Star Child  by B. Watts
15. Princess Kim and Too Much Truth by M. Cocca-Leffler
16. Queen of Style by C. and M. Buehner
17. Rismonan of the Flashing Sword by E. Kimmel
18. My first Signs
19. Maisy Goes to the City by L. Cousins
20. Clifford, We Love You by N. Bridwell
21. Clifford the Champion by N. Bridwell
22. The Gruffalo's Child by J. Donaldson
23. Clifford the Small, Red Puppy
24. The Prince's Bedtime by J. Oppenheim
25. I'm Big by K. and J. McMullan
26. Oink? by M. Palatini
27. The Daddy Goose Treasury by V. French
28. Cezanne and the Apple Boy by L. Anholt
29. Glass Slipper, Gold Sandal by P. Fleischman
30. Sweet Briar Goes to Camp by K. Wilson
31. Elmer and Rose by D. Mckee
32. Margaret Wise Brown's Wonderful House by M. Wise Brown
33 George and the Dragon by C. Wormell
 34. George and the Dragon and the Princess by C. Wormell

Notables this month? My personal favorite was "Buttons" by Brock Cole. Not much could be found about the author (as in, he doesn't really have a website so I can stalk him), but the story about three daughters setting out to replace their father's missing buttons (in very clever ways that ultimately land them all husbands) was a big surprise.

The two George and the Dragon books by Chris Wormell were a huge hit with both kids. Boo loves George the Mouse and the fact that he can scare a scary dragon away just by showing his face had him in stitches. Makenna? She had an odd fascination with the red dragon and growled each time I turned the page. Part dragon baby? Maybe.

Hope your summer is a good one!


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