Saturday, January 19, 2013

Saturday Things: Beet Juice and Nudie Pics

Believe it or not, I have about three drafts that I started and stopped over the course of the week. Topics ranged from the fakeness me and my fellow storytime parents engage in at the library twice a week to the frustration I've been facing trying to find purpose and some sort of "spark" while stuck within these four walls 16 hours a day. (It ain't pretty, friends.)

But I'd get all ranty and wordy and I'd sort of lose steam. And stop. So, you know, I'd put away a load of dishes or fight with the toddler over putting dirty underwear in the hermit crab tank. Just how it goes, I guess.

But I have promised myself a few things this month. I'd take care of myself better (I'm still figuring that part out...I think it includes more yoga, more weights, and more Vanilla Spice Lattes from "Fivebucks" around the corner). I'd finish writing my beanstalk book (despite the damned "Jack the Giant Killer" coming out March 1...sigh). And I'd blog. Way more than I did last year. I mean, like, lots more. TONS more. (Part of that includes re-rolling out my food blog with a new focus...but that's not 'til next month sometime.)

So here I am. I. am. blogging.

Aren't you proud?

And since we're here, I'll tell you a little about my week.

Not so great moments:

1. I bought a new exfoliator with some sort of skin destroying/refreshing acid in it. And gave myself the nastiest burn EVER. It's day four and my skin feels itchy and like leather...surely it will heal, right? Holy crap. It hurts. And I feel like a shclub because makeup doesn't sit right on my patchy, itchy face so I've been skipping it. And that's never a good idea when you're 34, addicted to caffeine, and have four kids. It's the truth.

2. My "juicing" quest isn't quite turning out like I'd hoped. One blessed, health-inducing concoction included kale and beets and about every other fruit and vegetable in the kitchen. I drank it. And promptly felt sick for the next two hours. Is it possible that my system is so hooked on preservatives and crap that pure nutrition is really a poison for me? Should I return to hot dogs and diet soda? It's worth a thought at least. That nasty brown junk in the glass tasted like dirt and salad and fruit salad all at the same time.

Great moments:

1. Impromptu picnic. The kids and I had to do a mid-week grocery run. Always fun with three kids, right? On the way home, it was sunny and 60 and perfect and we pulled out some lunchabley things, water, and a couple apples and parked it at our neighborhood park picnic table. I get some awesome points for that, right?

2. Church. We made it back last Sunday. It wasn't perfect (I had to listen to most of the message via loudspeaker in the lobby while McK did sprints). But it was still perfect. Does that even make sense? We all  got spiffy in our Sunday clothes and we didn't fight over remotes or toys or snacks for almost two hours. Yay, God!

3. Lesson win. I teach creative writing to fourth graders on Fridays. Sometimes I'm a rockstar, sometimes I'm a failure. You never know what you're going to get in terms of reaction to a writing lesson. Well, I ordered a stack of museum art postcards, removed the nudie pics (always a good idea when dealing with 10 year olds), and had them write stories based on the artwork. Kids that regularly blank out on me filled two pages of sword swinging, zombie slayin' goodness. And they even wanted to share at the end of class. Win!

How was your week? Score any wins? Muscle through any fails??


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  1. Yay God, always, but when you can give God a big ole high five and "thank you" amidst face burns and juicing nausea- well, you are most definitely doing something right!

    Very curious about this beanstalk book you speak of.

    Also- juicing is hard on my stomach too, BUT I don't eat a lot of preservatives and such. We actually eat really well- it's just not great for my system.