Friday, July 19, 2013

Norwegian Inspiration: Figgjo Flint

I've been getting a little wild in my embroidery designs lately and have been scouring the interwebs for inspiration. If I stitch one more bunny or kitty for the girls, I might just implode from too much sweet cuteness.

I love sweet cuteness as much as anybody. But seriously.

Still love Scandinavian design and as I fell down the rabbit hole on Etsy (my favorite place to spend all of our money and dream about how creative I might have been born if only....)

I found a porcelain company called Figgjo Flint. Just a humble manufacturing company founded in's like Ikea, only less American.

All of their stuff has the straight lines and edges of the minimalist Scandinavian look I love, but the thing that hooked me was the people illustrations. Like jolly, round people I want to have hot chocolate with. Even their vikings!

Check out Etsy's Figgjo Flint collection of finds.

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