Tuesday, August 6, 2013

And then, suddenly, it's August...

I swear I only blinked once. Maybe twice at most.

It's the first week of August already. Three summer birthdays have come and gone (Makenna turned 2, I celebrated the sixth anniversary of my 29th birthday, and Riley turned a whopping 1) and now we're thinking about school clothes, camouflage backpacks, and New Mexico green chiles.

Well, maybe I'm the only one thinking about New Mexico green chiles, but that's okay.

I meant to write more in July, but I just didn't. I can't exactly say that it was a great month. It wasn't a bad month, technically, but nothing really spectacular happened.

Do you think it's strange that I walk through most of my life expecting spectacular things to happen randomly and often? I don't think it's too presumptuous of me. I like spectacular. I think it should happen more often.

P got to travel back to Kansas City last month for another LT fight. She won, duh....and now she's married to her very own prince charming. Yaaaay Murphy newlyweds!

I started writing for a local news site (coveringkaty.com) and am trying to find a rhythm as a nosy neighborhood reporter and mom blogger. Sometimes I shudder when I'm labeled a mom blogger or parenting columnist, but other times, I think it'd be a shame not to capitalize on the comedy gold that goes on around here.

School starts in three weeks. Can you believe we'll have a fourth grader in the house? I can't. In my mind, the poor kid is stuck at age 7 with two missing front teeth and a love of all things Lightening McQueen. But now he's grown. He had a cell phone (don't panic...it only has a few minutes' worth of airtime and it can't even text...and yet he carries it around and flips it open checking for calls like James Bond...it's adorable.)

I've spent tons of time lately on Ancestry looking for ghosts. Some ghosts I find, some I don't. But I'm learning a lot and am even going to start volunteering for their Ancestry World Archives project. I downloaded some simple software and page through the scans they provide and mark keywords and names so people can find their history when they decide to look for it. I spent about three hours last weekend keywording Georgia prison convict info from the 1940s and now I am certain that 1940s criminals were way  more interesting and more dangerous than our contemporary boneheads.

The projects range from easy to advanced, some need foreign language skills, and some are just plain sad (the holocaust projects are so important to victims' descendants and survivors' families...but...whoa...yeah....) and take your breath away.

It's been fun so far and I'm so happy I decided to donate my time. What else would I do? Facebook all day?

Kidding...I still manage to Facebook way more than I need to.

Happy hot summer, amigos...

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  1. Happy 6th anniversary! this year, March, brought me my 8th anniversary of my 29th birthday... Can't complain. :)
    July was a crappy month for sure... FOR SURE, around here anyway. But things sound exciting there, even if not spectacular! And hey, I would LOVE some NM green chilis. I'm from there, and now live in Michigan where, well, I'm sure you can imagine we don't get them...