Monday, November 18, 2013

Hiding Under a Rock

The rock I've been hiding under.

It's already November 18?

I had every intention of being useful this month. Honestly. But first there was this amazing trip back East. And then I had to recover from that trip. And then I had to prep for teaching some poetry. And then I had to help a small group of the students put together and edit their very own 4th Grade comes out this week, by the way. We're excited.

More than anything, I planned on participating in Nanowrimo this month, but it didn't happen.  I always start Nano...for the past five years. Granted, I've only finished once, but I've ALWAYS started. Oh well. There's always Camp Nano this summer if I'm super motivated.

In other news, I'm making like my blog friend Misty and indulging in Hallmark Channel holiday movie sweetness. I'm surprised I haven't put on 20 pounds with this sappy, ooeey, schloppy stuff, but man it's fun. It's also fun watching my kids grimace at all the mistletoe smooching and hugging. Ha!

I also broke my beloved camera last night. Knocked it right off the counter onto the ceramic tile floor, complete with a sickening crack. I almost puked. Then I cried. A lot. My poor husband didn't know what to do. Photos might be harder to come by the next few months, so just bear with me.

Other than that, I started up a genealogy blog (genealogy snoop), mostly for me to document a couple of research projects and to stay connected with some other family history bloggers. Like I needed a new obsession, right?

...happy happy happy...

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  1. Well, welcome to the club! We should get t-shirts! (or at the very lease, mass produce chocolate bars!)
    Actually, while I have more than I care to admit, sitting on my DVR, we have (thus far) only watched Thanksgiving themed ones. (a favorite from seasons past would be Love at the Thanksgiving Parade. Genny will randomly laugh with glee and say "look, there's Elmo!" while pointing out the window, while we drive. Nerd.) Last night we watched The Thanksgiving House. *sigh*
    I did not do Nano this year. When I commit to it, I can't NOT complete it, so I have to be SURE. I couldn't have done it this year. I really think I want to next year... I think I need to really prep for it though. (freezer meals, etc...)
    Your other projects sound awesome though! Cool newspaper project!!!