Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A New Year, an Old Couch

I'm sure I had every intent to write between my last post (mid-November) and today. Truly.

But, see, I had this goal last year to write more posts than my previous annual record (I wrote 70 posts in 2009). So on November 18, I hit post #100 and I thought that was a fantastic number. And when life got busy and I realized there'd be no way to hit 150 or 125 or some other monumental number, I figured a break from both Facebook and the blog would be ok. Just to preserve such a monumental number like 100.

Then there's the fact that my camera jumped off the kitchen counter to the tiled floor last month. That was a pretty awful experience.

Last night we rang in the new year on our couch, hedging bets on whether Jenny McCarthy would get her midnight smooch with my favorite former New Kid. (Donnie. What can I say? I was never a Jordan sort of girl and Joey always looked too young. Danny looked like a caveman and Jonathon just wasn't my type. Donnie it was.)

Somewhere around 11:15, when the east coast had rung in 2014, we went to bed like a couple of old farts.

That's just who we are right now and I'm pretty ok with it.

2014 will pick up speed, I'm sure of it.

I had every plan to write a thoughtful, insightful post, but as I type, my toddler is on our kitchen table launching the four-year old's legos in every direction. He's screaming. She's laughing. And I'm zoned out. I'm pretty sure that sums up much of 2013...where we balanced precariously between moments of awesome (state parks, birthdays, the zoo) and pure junk (broken water pumps, bounced checks, rejection letters).

I don't expect much else out of life, I guess and that's enough for me!

Here's hoping you rang in the new year in style and wishing you love and health in the new year!

...happy, happy...

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  1. No style here... my new year ringing was about as class act as your camera must have looked... or as conditioned as that couch in your photo... Oh well...
    Kudos to you on your balance though, that's awesome!

    And I was absolutely a Donnie girl too. Never even flickered with interest in the others. In fact, my kids have grown up knowing the name of Donnie Wahlberg and for the longest time they actually thought he WAS my ex-husband because that's how my husband and I would jokingly refer to him. Then one night the NKOTB were on Jimmy Fallon (or something similar) doing a performance and my youngest (who was around 8 or 9 then, I think) wanted to see it the next day so I recorded it for her. (because you know, it was my ex-husband and all.) anyway, as they were singing and dancing she screams bloody murder. When we finally got her to calm down, she says "mommys ex-husband looks like uncle mike!" and though we'd NEVER seen it before, it was true... my sister's husband looks so much like him. SO MUCH. To the point that it was suddenly disgustingly creepy. We let her in on the joke (which my older two had figured out well before) and life went on... but I'm a big scarred, whenever I see DW now...