Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Road to Singers Glen

a few weeks back, i met someone who told me that when i'm looking to settle into one spot and buy a house, i needed to move to singers glen. he's a longtime virginian and knows his stuff, but i'd never heard of, been near, or knew a thing about any ol' singers glen, virginia.

fast forward a few weeks.

a wonderful woman comes in to talk to me about her small town's post office being up on the chopping block. they don't want it closed. it's an integral part of their gorgeous small town. a historic gem of a place called...wait for it...singers glen.

i drove out there today to get a shot of the post office for a story i'm doing.

turns out my friend was right. singers glen IS where we need to move. has to be the most beautiful surprise i've had in a while.

(of course, the post office in question. they meet with the town next week to decide its fate. it's been around since 1860 when the son of the town's founder became the first post master.)

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