Friday, December 19, 2014

help me! cover art + indiegogo reward updates

book three is dropping in the next few weeks (maybe a month or so?) and as i get ready for that, promo season will be upon us and i need to have all sorts of fancy banners and graphics prepped.


i'm just having a hard time settling on book 3's final cover and i'm hoping you can offer me your opinion.

the covers don't have to be exactly the same...but an identifiable "look" to them certainly helps. would you take a look at my three options and weigh in either here or on FB?  thank you!

* * *

Option 1.

So, the file as a whole came across a little dusty, but a lot of you have seen the cover for book 3 (vertigo) that i originally had done.

i love it, i really do. but it's kind of like...."one of these things is not like the other..." seriously. sesame street song in my head and all....

beautiful cover. sort of missing the vibe of the other ones.

* * *

Option 2.

Helllloooo, Renn. Here, we've got the branding down and even the light, washed colors in the background. but. there's. a. boy. on the cover. and it breaks with the girl thing i had going for books 1 and 2.

keep in mind though, a good number of popular series with a strong male lead switched covers just like this throughout the series and they were just fine. and renn really does play a big part in this final book. but still..... girl, girl...boy!

this is my favorite one so far, but it still is nagging at me for some reason.

* * *

Option 3.

I can't find an "atmospheric blond girl" picture to round out the trifecta, but i found this one and i love it. she's close enough (these aren't hard copies and other than right here, you'll never have the three girls side by side like you do right it's not anything huge if she's not the same girl.)

what this new july has going for her is that we are going to see a really strong, really powerful (and sort of terrifying) side of july in 'vertigo' so the dark, intense smolder thing she's doing might just work.

plus the branding is the same and you know all that. obviously the watermarks will be taken out of all these when i finally buy the stockart.

* * *

so...what do you think????

let me know!



I'm finally at the point where the end is in sight and I can start organizing all my lovely packages and thank yous!

Somewhere toward the end of January, right when I release Vertigo, I'll be contacting you via email (the one provided on the campaign) and getting a mailing address to ship off the goodies.

I don't have hard copies printed yet because I need the third book and to finalize the covers. Unfortunately, the jpeg covers I use for Kindle and other ebooks don't fly with the printers, so it's going to take me a week or so at the computer to get those high rez, wrap around covers configured and approved by Amazon.

My guess for hard copies is March?!

I have bookmarks/postcards and ebooks, though!!! Hallelujiah!

Like I said, I'll be in touch shortly after the holidays and will get all my awesome sauce friends squared away.

I love you guys!

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  1. We need to chat! I am in awe of you and all you are doing. Are you doing your banners and stuff yourself? This is the stuff that intimidates the crap out of me and honestly is why I haven't taken the plunge and published... though 2015 is my year. email me?

    I LOVE the first one, but like you said- it lacks continuity... perhaps reserve it for a standalone?
    I like the third!