Saturday, December 27, 2014

series rebranding

wheee! we survived christmas, nearly.

all three of the kids here with us are sick as all get out with bronchitis and fevers, but they managed to have a great holiday.

over the break i also tinkered with the cover situation that had been giving me so much heartburn.

i went back to the drawing board and came up with these:

so happy with them and i think they do a good job capturing the mood of the story better than the original covers do. i'm in the midst of updating all the vendors so they show up now.

i also got an hd camcorder for christmas, so pretty soon i'm going to have to make good on all those threats to do a youtube channel for writing talk and book reviews. right after i lose about a million pounds...cameras are not kind to girls with naturally round faces.

watch out world...

 photo megansiggy1_zps3f5c4e16.png

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