Friday, May 15, 2009

This week's inspiration shortlist

I've been busy and tried REALLY hard to write a blog this week. But I failed. And, no, I hardly consider that half-assed attempt to win a Marsden bicycle (See: below) a legitimate attempt at blogging. My bad. But I want one soooo bad and refuse to sell my children into slavery to get one. Anyhoo.

I have been busy, though. It's been a good week. Here are somethings that made my shortlist...inspiring things around Megan-land.

Tea Shelf:

Ohmigoodness. This thing is AWESOME. I'm going to drill a couple holes in my rental unit walls right away. Or ask P for help. Either way, this is definitely going up somewhere in my house, as I love tea. It makes me think of my bestest friend Fawnie who lives way too far away. (You'll see Fawnie pop back up in a couple seconds, too...) Here's the tutorial on DesignSponge.

Jane Austen:

Yes, the Jane Austen. I found the Jane Austen Society of North America. I joined it this week, sending my $29 check and in hopes that lots of writing inspiration will be sent back to me with my membership card. I love Jane Austen and I even have her action figure on my sewing shelf. Not sure how they go together, but a muse is a muse is a muse. So there.

Oh, for the love of all that is holy, Fawnie, how can I live without Warcraft? I tried. I really, did. I went a few months after Lil' Man was born without playing. But then I missed you. I missed you and our skinny, hot-ass Blood Elves. I remembered the hot tub party we had in our skivvies at the CrossRoads. I remember turning you into a busty pirate with my Halloween wand. I loved it when I'd get lost over and over again because my slow poke couldn't keep up with your speedy runner hunter chick. I even loved it when I'd aggro 15 mean dinsoaurs and they'd attack me like I was wearin' a Van Halen t-shirt to a Foreigner concert. A friend and I got into a discussion this week about his characters and I thought about you. And I contacted the demons at Blizzard, Inc. and it seems like they never deleted my account and I can come back. Turns out, you can come home again. Ha!


I'm sick of being the "damn...she just had a baby." chick. I want to be the "damn, she just had a baby?!?" chick. Seriously. I signed up for three 5-miler races next month alone. Something's gotta give. Hopefully it's not my ACL...


*sigh*. He leaves us to visit his father at the end of the month. He won't return until August 7 when we have the custody trial. I am going to miss him so much, and the time between is going to be wraught with uncertainty, frustration, and anxiety. But I love him. To the moon and back again, even. I hope he understands how much. And I hope there's a guardian angel or two looking out for us, watching over us through the coming months. (Godspeed, little man. Hurry home.)

Currently learning:

Knitting. Phew. That last entry 'bout tore me up, I don't know about you. Time to distract myself with something I am truly horrible at. But still attempt. I am even trying to start my own group in my hometown. Hello, yarn. Hello sharp, pointy objects. I like you. I like it when I can make it a whole row without losing a stitch (Where the hell do they go, anyway? Is there a home for runaway stitches? A milkcarton I check for a few of mine?) Or adding one. I'm good at adding them without meaning to. Some days I am proud of the inch and a half i was able to add to the uneven, unraveling scarf thingy I've come up with. Other days I want to stab my own eyes out with my size 7 bamboo bastard knitting needles.

Currently reading:

"What Would Jane Austen Do?" by Laurie Brown. So sue me. I was on a Jane Austen kick when I passed this in the bookstore. I grabbed it without really reading too much into the back cover. Turns out its a time travel romance sort of book. But set in Regency-era England. Weird. Most time travels send us to the Highlands with lairds in kilts and their brawny, no nundies-wearing goodness. But to mid 1800s England? Okaaaaaay. Funny thing is, besides a couple quirks, I'm kinda enjoying it. I'm actually interested in whether Eleanor will return to modern day or stay back and make whoopie with Lord Shermont. Enquiring minds, and all...

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  1. That tea shelf is adorable but there's no way in hell I could get all my tea and french presses on ONE shelf! Glad to know that there's at least one other person in the crafty world that doesn't know how to knit!