Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thursday Round-up: Posts that caught my attention

1. “When You Feel Like You Just Don’t Measure Up” at Modish Biz Tips.

This was a great read. The author talked a lot about what works for your favorite blog won’t necessarily work for your own, and that’s really OK. I think I’m a sucker for resume envy when I spend too much time stalking my old classmates on Facebook…and I KNOW I’m a sucker for blog envy when it comes to both author blogs and craft blogs. They drive me crazy with their cute, organized, creative goodness. But that’s ok, and according to this post, my blog is just fine the way it is.

2. “Thoughts on Blogging” at Nubby Twiglet.

Nubby Twiglet has a pretty high-speed, low-drag blog out there. She’s pretty darn fascinating. She’s also offering up some tips for other bloggers. Some are common sense (blog regularly) and some are new to me. Worth a look.

3. “Keep Drawing” at Soule Mama.

I bought Amanda's new book recently and really dig what she’s up to. She and her family participated in a version of Mo Willem’s Family Draw and it seems like just the project Boy Wonder has been waiting for lately. And who doesn’t love crayons?

4. “Mothers Day Gift Ideas” at The Purl Bee.

I love this blog. If I could live inside a blog, it would be this blog with all their knitting, crochet, and quilting goodness. I would roll around in this blog and walk around my life with all their bloggy genius stuck to my clothes like pet hair. Ugh. And their ideas for Mothers Day? Priceless.

5. "But I Asked to See It" at Redlines and Deadlines.

This blog is great! So often, we get the author’s perspective but never get to delve into the curious mind of editors and agents. This post is an interesting take on why someone would try so hard to get an editor/agent interested in their manuscript…and then flake out when they request a full view. Crazy.

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