Monday, April 30, 2012

Gecko-esque Sun Worshipers

He is impossible to bring in these days.  
It's funny how they call Alaska the "Land of the Midnight Sun." I mean, true, in the summer months it feels like eternal daylight...but for the majority of the year, we're sun-deprived and snowed in.

So recently, when the sun started coming back and the snow finally said "uncle" and receded, the kids have been outside more. I've been outside more. We've been soaking up as much sunshine as we can and it reminded me of a childhood spent drenched in the West Texas desert. Freckles and tans. Lemonade and bicycles.

And now as we box up a few belongings and I lie awake at night thinking about what I could possibly find in common with Houston, I think about the sun. It will be waiting for us, along with the heat, with pools and wildflowers and longhorns. And it will last more than three months a year and that's enough to help me back to sleep on the really bad nights.

Is there sun where you are? Can somebody please remind me how much I wanted the heat of a Texas summer when I'm actually living there and enduring 100+ degrees in the ninth month of pregnancy? I'm sure I'll need to remember just how cold my days up here really were.


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  1. What a great city to have a new adventure though! miserably sweaty pregnancy aside, FUN!