Saturday, April 7, 2012

Phony Egg Hunts and Imaginariums

I spent a good part of the morning rounding up lost easter gear (thanks, Nana!) and wrasslin' baby girls into frilly tutu dresses and tights (tights!). We had a plan to be at the fancy schmancy Easter Bazaar downtown in time for egg hunts and pastel-colored revelry.

Well, when we got there all we saw were a whole bunch of bewildered looking families, all with baskets, none with eggs. There was a putzy photographer set up with a white sheet backdrop and some plastic easter grass and that about constituted this amazing "easter bazaar." Bummer, right?

Being that we were downtown and we are NEVER downtown, we trekked north a few blocks and landed at the Imaginarium over at the Anchorage Museum. The kids forgot all about promised (and denied) easter eggs for a while and Makenna got to strut her fancy stuff. We played in bubble solution and, as you'll see, Boy Wonder got into a shouting match with the snapping turtle through the plate glass. I think the turtle won, though...I can't be sure.

At least we still have tomorrow to come up with eggs and 8 pounds of candy. Hopefully the easter bunny is in a good mood!

Happy Easter, beautiful people!


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