Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Week of Writing Prompts: Blogging

I've been hard at work lately with a new group of incredible writers and bloggers. Big ol' things are on the horizon for me as a writer and a blogger and I can't help but feel the buzz of excitement in the air. Either that or the fact that we had ONE day below 90 degrees this week has me all aglow...

In the coming months, I'll be working on all sorts of new things. Collaborations, vlogging (oh my!), and creating a community of writers of all sorts. (More to follow on some of that excitement...)

Part of what we're building is excitement in telling your story. Any story. Just write. So here are some blogging prompts I'll try to get up each Sunday. I can't promise that I'll do these everyday myself, but I'll try. And they're here just to help spark the desire to write. Some might resonate with you. Some might fall flat. Either way, here's hoping your taking the time to write this week.

With love,
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Day One:  Is there something you do every Sunday? Most Mondays? What about the occasional Tuesday afternoon? Do rituals have a place in your life? Why or why not? Write about your own rituals or maybe even your lack of.

Day Two: Write about and post a photo of your favorite coffee mug or tea cup. Does it make you feel a certain way? Does it sit with you when you write? Where does it come from?

Day Three: What's your go-to strategy when dealing with the ups and the downs of your life? Do you shop? Read? Cry? Seek help? Write about it.

Day Four: Write about your own writing. Are you pulled to a certain genre? How often do you write? Who is your audience? When did you start?

Day Five: Write about your reading. Are you pulled to a certain genre? How often do you read? Who is your go-to author?

Day Six: Do connections come easily to you? How do you most connect to others? In person? Through a mutual friend? Online? Are you comfortable knowing lots of people or do you keep your circle small?

Day Seven: I love kitchens. Is there a room in your house (or in your memories) that's special to you? Bring us there with plenty of sensory details and storytelling.

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  1. These are really great prompts! I love the sound/feel/energy of this post and can't wait to see where it's heading!!!