Sunday, September 29, 2013

Weekly Writing Prompts: Introspection

Ready for this week's writing prompts? Again, the focus is on personal writing--think journaling or blogging and allowing a reader into your space.

Happy writing!

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Day One: Write one truth and one untruth about yourself. Make them equally believable and see if any of your readers can discern between them.

Day Two:  Introduce readers to someone who has touched your life. Does it have to always be warm and fuzzy and grandma's apple pies? Not necessarily...especially if you've never had that sort of relationship. Show a nontraditional relationship, perhaps, and how that has touched your life. Or write about Nana, if you like. We always love Nanas around here.

Day Three:  It's been said that without wild animals trying to eat us and with life in the 'burbs so easy, that we create our own challenges to remind ourselves that we're alive. Extreme sports. Tattoos. Adrenaline seeking activities. What do you do with your life to remind yourself that you're alive?

Day Four:  Ctrl-Z. For most of us savvy with computers, that key combinations means we're able to undo whatever we've just messed up. Is there any instance in your life that you wish you could Ctrl-Z?

Day Five:  "It's not one thing in life that gets us, it's a million little things." What are some of your teeny, tiny little things that add up to big things in life?

Day Six: Write about your normal grocery store. Is it close? Do you know where everything is? What is your normal route?

Day Seven: What's that inner dialogue and chatter in your head like? Are you lost in your own head when you walk around or do you have a voice in there commenting on what's going on around you? The crazy looking woman with the McDonald's bag on her head...does your inner voice talk about it?

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