Tuesday, September 30, 2014

oh yeah, i wrote a book

i got so wrapped up in all the things these past two weeks that i forgot to properly celebrate the fact that the huge adventure i promise myself in my birthday post (read it here) actually happened. my first book went live last sunday and i kind of just want to hold it, and pet it, and name it george.

except it's an ebook and i can't hold it. and there's a girl on the cover, so i'm sure i'd have to go with georgina.

but you get what i'm chuckin' at. book one dropped this month just like i said it would. it's free over at Barnes & Noble and hopefully, Amazon will price match that soon. enjoy the freeness. i love free books.

as hannibal liked to say, i love it when a plan comes together.

a-team, y'all....a-team.

...happy happy happy...

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