Friday, January 8, 2010

The Word for 2010 is...


If you're confused, you should read Ali Edward's blog. I'm pretty sure she's the one who started it and I'm certain that's where I got it from. Others are picking up on the project and selecting theirs, but it took me a while to really marinate on the whole "choose a theme for 2010" notion. To be sure there are plenty of words I'd like to accomplish: discipline, organization, create, yada yada yada...

But I think the point of this word project is to encapsulate a mission statement for your upcoming year and to do it in one, single, power-packed word. And I think I've found that reflects who I am and who I'm always striving to be.

If you spend anytime around me, you know for the most part, I'm pretty expressive and I like to make things happen. I like to see people laugh, I like to laugh myself. I like to get things going, start things happening. I'm not having a good day if I don't have some plan hatching in my brain. But to what end? What is my purpose in this life, and more specifically, what's my purpose in this coming year?

Brighten. Isn't it just a great word? And so doable, it seems. I need a mission in life and if it's to make it a shinier happier place for my family and yours, well hot damn...light the fires and kick the tires, big daddy.

It's so appropriate when you live in Alaska in the winter and when you and all of your closest friends have babies under a year old (there are five of us and one is due this spring) gets pretty damn grim when you haven't slept right in 11 months and you hate going to your job every morning, and you wish you owned a pair of pants that freakin' fit correctly or didn't have an unidentifiable stain on it...or both. Or if you're quitting smoking and you want to punch strangers on the street to steal their half-smoked cigarettes. Or when you've got a brain disease and you're crabby about what you can't do so easily anymore...I'm here to remind you that you're artistic and creative and to keep on creating because it makes you happy and you need more happiness. (Yes, that was specific to my mama, but whatever! You got my point.)

Brighten. I'm here to say life is beautiful, so quit yer bellyachin' for two seconds and hop to it.

Homework is tough and college is a drag, but you're a brilliant man and you've got everyone you know behind you saying "you've got this" and the truth is, you do. It's in the bag already, you straight A-having sonuva-gun. (Aww...hi, babe!)

And no worries. I'll turn some of my obnoxious rays on myself from time to time this year. I've got big dreams and lots of energy. I'll get there. Just watch.

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