Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hello, Makenna!

She's here...she's finally here! After what felt like 78 weeks of gestation (I know, I know, it was only 40!), Makenna Elyse arrived last Friday (June 24) at a dainty 8 lbs 11 oz.


We were stuck a few days in the hospital with her, which completely spit in the face of everything I had planned. This was baby three for us...we're old hat at this game and there's no reason we can't take her home at the first possible second, right? Right? (crickets).

But we finally did manage to get her home and we've got the rest of the summer to get to know this little heartbreaker.

Big brother Boo is adjusting to life as the "middle man" now, and while he ADORES his little sister (he calls her "Fo-kenna") and dotes on her like a little mini protector...the guy has gone from love of our lives (last week) to terror on the high seas with a mindset to destroy his father and I. I'm not sure where this animosity and badness came from (I'm sure the changes have everything to do with it) but I sure miss my little Boo. I know, I bet he misses being the baby and absorbing ALL of the attention in the house.

Between being chained to a couch during marathon feedings and general fussy baby business and trying to threaten the toddler within inches of his life if he doesn't stop pulling the cat's tail (with no ability to jump up and make good on said threats), I'm exhausted and often frustrated. Dare I admit it...cranky, even?

But this life (these lives) are gifts and we've been blessed beyond a reason why. I will never, ever, EVER let that slip my mind. God has definitely graced me with more than I'll ever deserve.

Here's to a few more sleepless nights and a lifetime of love and joy.



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