Saturday, June 11, 2011

Summer of 100 Books: Week Two

True to our word, we've been busy little readers around here. I honestly think that small little book bin of board books at the library is going to run out on us soon. That, or we're going to have to start reading the Spanish-language ones (not such a bad idea, actually).

This week, Boo met Maisy the Mouse. Boy Wonder and I used to watch Noggin on TV way back in the day and we loved Maisy. Oh, and more Jane Yolen books. I think the woman is slowly becoming a rock star in my author world. She's amazing.

11. "Here Come the Pirates!"
12. "Clifford's Bedtime"
13. "Find the Puppy"
14. "Cornelius P. Mudd, Are You Ready For Bed?"
15. "Good Night, Little Bunny"
16. "How Do Dinosaurs Love Their Cats?" (Jane Yolen)
17. "Sad, Mad, Glad Hippos" (Jane Yolen)
18. "Maisy's Colors" (Lucy Cousins)
19. "On the Farm" (Ant Parker)
20. "My Train Book" (The Smithsonian)
21. "Time For Bed" (Mem Fox)
22. "Big Dog...Little Dog" (P.D. Eastman)
23. "Good Night, Sleep Tight!" (Barbara Cratzius)

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