Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Day 15 Check In

It's been 15 days! At times it feels more like 100, but I guess that's a given when you're doing something new and difficult.

I'm going to take my picture a little later today (maybe after a little pool time, hmmm?), but for now, here are 15 days of results (Day 1 was August 27).

Day 15

Weight lost: 7.5 pounds (total from August 2, day home from hospital after baby #4: 27 pounds)


Day 1: 41   Day 15: 38 (Inches lost: 2)

Day 1: 12.5    Day 15: 12 (Inches lost: 0.5)

Day 1: 38     Day 15: 34 (Inches lost: 4)

Day 1: 40     Day 15: 38 (Inches lost: 2)

Day 1: 26    Day 15: 22 (Inches lost: 4)

Sum Total of Inches Lost? 12.5!

For the most part, I've eliminated carbs. Being real, though, I have my moments where I can't help myself and I stuff a few pretzels in my mouth. Or steal Boo's Cheez Its when he's not looking. Yuck. During the first two weeks, I would eat complex carbs for lunch and that's it...no carbs for dinner. I totally bone it starting Friday when P and the kids are home all weekend. I know, I know. I'm a work in progress.

My water consumption has skyrocketed (which doesn't really say much, given how much I hate drinking water). I still have my morning coffee. But that's about it...no more milk, juice, or any other manner of beverages. Water, water, water. I don't even get Gatorade anymore, y'all....and that's a big deal for me.

After reading "Wheat Belly" over the weekend, I've abandoned all manner of gluten for the past two days. It's not too much different from how I was eating and I'm excited to see if it makes a difference in how I feel and the bloated "wheat gut" I'm fighting.

My number one rule that I actually stuck to for the past 15 days? I don't eat off my kids' plates anymore. Period. It was hard and such a strange habit that I wasn't even conscious of until my husband mentioned it. Now, once food touches their plates, its off limits to me.

I've logged about 450 minutes of Insanity workouts in the past two weeks. (I have my moments where I can't stand poor Shaun T. anymore and have to turn on Pandora's MC Hammer station just to make it through...)

Add to that about two hours' worth of running on the treadmill over the weekends when everyone is home and there is no way in HECK I am bouncing around and huffing and puffing in front of them. So I retreat to our complex's little gym and walk/run for at least half an hour.

The truth at this point is that I am absolutely SICK of Insanity and bouncing around my living room. I miss people and interaction and the bottom line? I really, really, REALLY miss jiu jitsu. But this is our life for now and time and sheer logistics won't allow it. So I do what I can with what I have. (Isn't that a Teddy Roosevelt quote or something?)

Pretty basic, right? The overall goal is 25 pounds by October 26. My goal for Day 30 weigh in? Another 7.5 pounds and some more inches. I love the inches part!

Have a great week!



  1. Keep up the awesome work girl. You are inspiring me to get my workout on.


  2. Wow... you are so bold to really put out all out there... inspiring!