Saturday, September 29, 2012

This is Makenna.

This is Makenna.

This one is a charmer. This one is all bouncy curls and batting eyelashes.

This one is beautiful.

This one loves to give kisses. This one loves affection. This one cries when her brothers are upset. This one cares about your bad day and cries when you cry.

This one smiles. All. The. Time.

This one loves her daddy. This one lets her mama paint her toenails at just 15 months. This one will bring you  eighty-seven books and expect you to read them. Each and every one.

This one is called the "pterodactyl" for the screech she's developed when someone takes something from her.

This one tortures her brothers. This one pets the baby and says "sis-tah."

This one will not be excluded. This one will include herself no matter what. This one will always find a way.

This is sunshine. This is bright and happy.

This one teaches me about unconditional kindness.


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