Friday, September 28, 2012

This is Andrew.

This is Andrew.

This is what three and a half going on nineteen looks like. This is six hours straight of Caillou and Curious George. This is teaching himself chess and this is chewing on the checkers when I'm not looking.

This is the child who gives me fits. This is also the child that loves the hardest with all of his tiny little being.

This is bossy. Observant.. Sure of himself.

This is unbridled energy.

This is intense and this is outspoken.

This is my "road dog" and this is the reason I will never leave the house alone ever again.

This is strength. This is his father's spitting and his mother's salty mouth.

This is the one who never forgets anything. Ever.

This is a love for his sisters and this is his brother's biggest fan.

This one teaches me about unconditional and never-ending love.


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