Sunday, August 18, 2013

Stuff of Life: Art and Vikings We Have Known

So, about a week ago, baby number Four (we call her Ninja), swallowed a penny. It was a nightmare and I'll relive it here another day. But not today.

Today, I just want to talk about my viking obsession and how all I seem to be able to do (creatively) is embroidery. I love it. It's freeing and loosey goosey and right up my alley. And soon I'm going to experiment combing what I doodle sketch with some mixed media sewing. But for now, I do a lot of doodle sketching. Here's a viking I finished this weekend based on an old housewares design that I revamped a tad.

From there, I created a couple of mugs based on those old designs. I know, I know....I swore off the Etsy shop after the Christmas insanity, but I missed it. And I missed making new designs.

Here are the two new fellas. You can find the listings to the Etsy shop here: Coffee Mug: Olaf the Viking of Love and Coffee Mug: Sven the Musical Viking.

The girls are growing. I mean, they're ALL growing, but the girls are growing in badness it seems. One is swallowing pennies and the other is dumping out all of the boys' new school supplies and making it rain shredded facial tissue in their room when no one is looking. Nightmare, folks.

The only way I get a moment of peace to stab my fingers with an embroidery needle is when I have them preoccupied. They like art lately. Along with that other stuff I said...

Have a great week!

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  1. COOL Vikings... I almost said "CUTE Vikings!" but then realized that Vikings likely would not like to be called Cute... I'm learning. :)
    Darn kids growing...

    Have you heard that I can't even touch pennies? I can't smell them. The thought of them makes me nearly dry heave. To start your post in such a disgusting way about did my day in, I tell ya... It's a wonder your sweet girl survived such a horror. Even a touch as nails, dragon slaying viking (right, they do that, right? my knowledge of Vikings is limited to How to Train Your Dragon.) wouldn't dare eat a penny. *shudder*