Sunday, August 11, 2013

Dominic's Worgen Adventure

Dominic and I worked on a short story about a year ago...when he was still in the second grade. It was about our favorite game and we spent a few weeks working out characters he liked and coming up with drama for them. He used all the writers' tools...brainstorming, drafting, and daydreaming. In the move, we lost all the info we'd come up with. BUT, we finally found his notebook and he took his second grade story and looked at it and rewrote it with fourth grade eyes today. He even typed it up. He's pretty proud of it and, well, I am too...

The Worgen Adventures of Sasur Battlemane
                                        By Dominic.M.B

Sasur’s parents were taken by the Scourge. Ragnes the Cruel made slaves out of them for mining.

Sasur’s house is old and falling apart. He lives with his big sister Helen and little brother Vobur and they’re running out of food.

One morning, they decided to look for their parents in the Scourge kingdom. They traveled to the Undercity so Sasur and Vobur could seek their parents.

Suddenly, a pack of Worgens snatched Sasur and Vober into the woods.
Sasur was bitten by one and hje felt funny. Soon, he turned into a worgen.  Sasur was alone because the wolves still had his brother, Vober.

 Sasur finally made it to the city of Gilneas,  but it was dark and lonely. He missed his family. Sasur knew it was the work of the scourge and Prince Liam and the survivors stood ready at the front gate to take back their city. The prince gave Sasur a spell to heal the hurt and give them power.

They ran into the city and Vobur was fighting with the other worgens. The rebels came with canons and once the guards were down, Lady Silvanas Windrunner was fighting King Greymane, Liam’s father. Lady Silvanas ran away in fear and said “I’ll be back.”

Six months later the horde came back with orcs…and…
Blood Elves.
And the Undead.

And the warchief  Garrosh Hellscraem led them as they were launching plague barrels at the gates.  Gilneans fled from the city but Sasur stayed behind. He blew their battle ship up and the horde retreated back to Orgrimmar.

It was a good victory, but Sasur did not find his parents or his sister. He and Vober set out in search of Ragnes the Cruel…

To be continued…

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  1. What a great thing to do together, and what a fun way to bring something that you both love to life like that!