Thursday, August 29, 2013


I was really tempted to name this post "Beginnings and Endings" but, honestly, I don't have any endings loaded in the hopper around, well, yeah.

Boo started school this week alongside his big brother. It's only part day, but he's adjusting well after four and a half years of being home with one of us. I think I had a much harder time than he did. I'm not ashamed to admit there was a tear or 30 as I was packing up the boys' backpacks on Sunday night.

I had such a great summer with all four kids that I just wasn't ready for it to end. I'm not so great at change, it seems.

Boy Wonder is all hunkered down in fourth grade and came home with a math homework sheet all FULL of division. "Ha," I say. Looks like Dad is going to be on duty after the first couple of weeks. I avoid that stuff with all my might.

The girls and I have a few hours at the house and we really just sort of stare at the walls and talk about what the boys are doing. No. That's not true. Mostly we do what we normally do, just minus the fighting over train tracks and hot wheels. Boo comes home, the girls take a nap. Not a ton has changed, and yet so much has.

Watching him get on the bus about blew me away on Tuesday. I walked away and marveled at how much faith we have to put in other people to watch over our children from the moment we say goodbye in the morning until the moment we can smother them with hugs and homework when school lets out. A little mind boggling.

I made a few more designs for the Etsy shop. I can't get over how popular hedgehogs still are. They are so much fun. I gave special nod to my fellow bloggers, too.

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  1. Me to- not so great at change. *raspberries*