Tuesday, October 1, 2013

31 Days with the 5-Minute MFA Master List

Day One: 5-Minute MFA Introduction
Day Two: Planning Sheet Freebies
Day Three: Your MFA Reading List (Part One)
Day Four: Your MFA Reading List (Part Two)
Day Five: Favorite Writing Blogs
Day Six: A Week of Prompts
Day Seven:  Explaining the Lingo: Plotter v. Pantser
Day Eight:  Favorite Publishing Links
Day Nine: Scrivener Review
Day Ten: The Writer's Notebook
Day Eleven: Vlog One: Intro to Plotting, My Methods
Day Twelve: Plotting and the Three Act Structure
Day Thirteen: A Week of Prompts
Day Fourteen: How I use the Three Act Structure to Plot
Day Fifteen:
Day Sixteen:
Day Seventeen:
Day Eighteen:
Day Nineteen:
Day Twenty: A Week of Prompts
Day Twenty-One:
Day Twenty-Two:
Day Twenty-Three:
Day Twenty-Four:
Day Twenty-Five:
Day Twenty-Six:
Day Twenty-Seven: A Week of Prompts
Day Twenty-Eight:
Day Twenty-Nine:
Day Thirty:
Day Thirty-One:

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