Sunday, October 6, 2013

A Week of Prompts: Your World, Your View (Day 6)

We're sticking with blogging for the month of October, mostly because I'm concentrating so much on fiction for the 5-minute MFA challenge. And the truth is, sometimes blogging true stories that are interesting seems like such a dynamic feat to accomplish. Why would anyone on this planet care what my day looked like in pictures?

Well, more than you think. We love our blogging community because it's a glimpse into the day to day of another person. We see ourselves in others and we see people we'd never be, by choice or by circumstance. So this week, let's shine the lense of blogging outward and show a little of our world with others.

Happy Writing!

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Day One: I love nothing more than mornings. I always have. They always seem so full of promise and are wide open. What does your morning look like? Is it a rush to the bus stop? A slow amble to the computer to work on your writing? An hour-long bumper car fest in traffic? Paint us a picture using words or photography. Show the world what your mornings mean.

Day Two:  Who do you interact with everyday? Does it change? Does it rarely change? Do you wish for something different? Write about the people in your daily lives.

Day Three:  Meals. (I know, I know, I love food). How do you pick times for your meals? Do you have traditions each day, or only on special occasions? How do you keep your families or yourselves fed on a day to day basis? Do you wish it was different?

Day Four:  What's your routine each day? Do you do the same thing? Are you a free spirit?

Day Five:  Take a photograph of something new today. Was it a new sign in your neighborhood? A picture of a new pair of shoes? It might be difficult, but every day is different in some way. Show us.

Day Six:  What is your neighborhood like? Is it a close community? A rural farm? Tell us about the dynamic between you and the people who live nearby.

Day Seven: What was the most mundane errand you had to run this week? Write about it and why you finally checked it off your list. What was so irritating about it? Is there more to it than what it seems? 

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