Friday, March 27, 2009

George A. Romero totally has my back on this.

I'll say it: I hate zombies that run fast. I'll say it again: I really hate zombies that run fast.

Part of what I love so much about them is my ability to (reasonably) survive one of their movies. Vampires fly (sometimes?) and are far too refined and talented for me to have any real chance. But zombies, well, they rekindle my belief in Darwinism and as long as there are nitwits in this great herd of humanity, I might just survive the zombie apocalypse.

So when an interviewer got the great Mr. Romero (writer/director of "Night of the Living Dead" plus a bunch more I am likely to have in my DVD player at random times) to extol his opinion on Carl Lewis-like members of the undead army, I had to share. Here's the link.

"George A. Romero Explains Why Fast Zombies Will Never Exist (Hint: Weak Ankles):"

What do you think about fast zombies — the kind we see in video games and movies like 28 Days Later?

Well, I took a big swipe at them in this film: There’s a running gag in the movie that dead things don’t move fast. Partially, it’s a matter of taste. I remember Christopher Lee’s mummy movies where there was this big old lumbering thing that was just walking towards you and you could blow it full of holes but it would keep coming. And in the original Halloween, Michael Meyers never ran, he just sort of calmly walked across the lawn or across the room. To me, that’s scarier: this inexorable thing coming at you and you can’t figure out how to stop it. Aside from that, I do have rules in my head of what’s logical and what’s not. I don’t think zombies can run. Their ankles would snap! And they haven’t yet taken out memberships to Curves.

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