Monday, March 30, 2009

Listmaker, Listmaker, Make me some lists

Have you seen Flashlight Worthy's massive Web site full of lists of books? Every sort of list imaginable? Best lesbian books, best ice cream books, best serial killer books, best lesbian, serial killers who like ice cream books...

No? Me, either.

Was definitely worth a look. (I somehow found them while building up a Twitter list. Imagine that.)

Flashlight Worthy--The Best Books Recommended

Here are my 10 Best-Named Booklists found at Flashlight Worthy: (No, I didn't really have time to get in depth at the site, but whatever. I tried.)

10) "Books that taught me to like the Subway again"

9) "Great novels with important lessons for leaders"

8) "13 Books You Have to Read Before You Turn 13"

7) "Creepy Houses That Must Be Explored"

6) "Classics of Steampunk"

5) "Vampire Novels to Sink Your Teeth In"

4) "11 Great Books for Unconventional Living"

3) "6 Books That Knock My Socks Off"

2) "Twaddle-Free Books For Preschoolers" (FYI: "Twaddle" is a term for dumbing-down books for kids...something many, many parents, myself included, try to avoid.)

1) "The Octogenarian's 10 Favorite Novels"

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