Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Zombie Me and Zombie You...What a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts

Oh, someone gets me...really gets me!

In today's opinon piece "The undead have invaded our games -- again," Citizen Gamer author Winda Benedetti extoles the virtues of the ravenous undead and attempts to tap into our undying (excuse the pun)love for them.

Despite the fact that it's main focus is the rise in popularity of zombies in video games, Benedetti hits a couple nails on the proverbial head.

Monster love comes and goes and with all the Twilight-driven love of Vampires, it's a bit of a shock to the system to witness the zombie love. (How can a green corpse with half his skull missing compete with the hunky, emo Edward? I mean, really?)

Zombies are beatable, and yet they seem to win over in countless movies and books...the ambling horde mowing down big-boobied blondes and cooky old guys who'd been warning the town for years that the apocolypse was upon us. As I've said before, zombies even the playing field for us average humans by taking out the nitwits in true Darwinian fashion.

The fact that they remain popular is a testament to my long-held belief that zombies rule. I own countless zombie movies, including some Italian flick that features a zombie in an underwater Battle Royale with a shark for the privilege of ripping a bikini-clad (and clueless) snorkeler to pieces. Classic.

Zombie fiction gives us an even better glimpse at their automaton senseless boundaries that limit us in Hollywood. In books, we get the pure, unadulturated madness that we look for when picking up a paperback novel in bookstore that features a decaying hand coming up through a gritty street grate...the absolute meltdown of all humaness when we, as a race, get squeezed a bit by foot-dragging monsters. It's poetry, really.

But what do I know?

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