Saturday, March 28, 2009

Monster Planet

Finally finished "Monster Planet" today by David Wellington. It's the end of a trilogy that began with "Monster Island," a book that I really enjoyed a few years back.

I like Wellington's style, I really do. I like how he balances carnage (light carnage) with the ridiculous and the humorous. I'm just not completely sold on how the trilogy began as a somewhat standard gore fest with rotten zombies (Monster Island) and morphed over the years into a showdown with wizards, mummies, a ghost-child and a mushroom monster woman. I didn't care for the talking zombies, either, to tell the truth. But I am grateful to any author who offers up SOME variation of the zombie lit, that I give it a go and finish the book. (Or series as it may be.) I guess the more complex and far-fetched the story line got, the harder it was for me to keep up with the multitude of stories and characters he juggled. It was a bit of a fight sometimes.

It's funny. I'll buy 20 books a month sometimes (no lie.) And the topics/subjects are as random as I am. I love romance. I'll read a good mystery. I'll attempt a biography or self-help now and then. But I tend to never really finish a book from cover to cover. I'll get distracted in the middle somewhere and "fast forward" through chapters until I get where I need to go. But not with the horror genre.

My favorite zombie book so far? I'd have to go with one written by Brian Keene I stumbled across at a used book store a few years back. (Keene is IMPOSSIBLE to find at the local Barnes and Noble. Why is that?)

Dead Sea, by Brian Keene.

The story has stuck with me since then because, to me, it raised the ick factor a few notches by involving everybody's favorite sidekicks...animals. Zombie rats, zombie dogs, zombie pigeons, zombie cats...ick! Parts come back to me now and then during the most random times. Big fan.

Still searching for more, sadly. There's quite a fascination with vampires these days thanks to ol' Stephanie Meyer and her hunky Edward in Twilight. (She even sexed up werewolves. Seriously?) Mass murderers and psycho stalkers get plenty of love, too. But zombies? Good luck with that one...

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