Friday, April 15, 2011

On Distance

Friday's Writing Prompt from the Gypsy Mama.

Ready? Go...

"On Distance"

I've always failed at distance.

Given enough room to run, and my legs and my heart would sprint for the wide open spaces of loneliness and I wouldn't quit running until I found it. Distance has meant and end to many things in my life..."out of sight out of mind" was more than so cliched words of wisdom, it was a living, breathing demon that ruined every flavor of relationship and dream I had.

There've been plenty of times when distance meant physical space, but many more times when it mean to quiet between two people--something else I've never been very adept at. In the quiet my demons would sing louder and drown out any sort of peace or appreciation.

But now I am grown and you are here.

We pass like ships sometimes and because of where we are in life, I don't have access to you every second like I'd like. And you've taught me that's ok. I don't need to fill every second of solitude and quiet with mindless chatter and I don't need you four feet from me to remind me how special you are and how lucky I am that we're in this together.

Now distance is the quiet when you are studying and I am writing and we are in our own little parallel words, being ourselves and being together. Distance is wondering how you are doing and that exciting flash of anticipation the boys and I feel when we realize you're due home any second for supper. Distance expands and contracts, it is the tide that sends us out into the world to be who we are, and pulls us back together when it is time to be "us." Beautiful, us.

Distance, the long and short of it, means breathing space and cherished breath. Distance is no longer a death is a daily reminder to be grateful and to have care with one another. An opportunity for grace in a world where it is desperately needed.


  1. Megan - this was beautiful. Thank you for sharing it with us! Breathing space and cherished breath. I just love that phrase! (I'm visiting from Lisa-Jo's!)

  2. This is beautiful writing. You have a gift with words.

  3. I love what you said,

    "Distance expands and contracts, it is the tide that sends us out . . . and pulls us back together when it is time to be "us" beautiful us."

    That was so poetic and just lovely! I'm stopping by from 5 Minute Fridays and I SO enjoyed your 5 minutes. Thank you!

  4. Hey there, Megan! You gave us lovely words all stitched together with your heartstrings. Thank you!