Friday, April 29, 2011

The wheels on the bus went round (and round)

Today was a pretty important final for P so I took the day to stay home and take care of Boo AND get the almighty truck up to snuff (a four month expired registration makes driving to work exciting each morning and studded tires that become illegal at midnight!).

By 8 a.m. we were finished and not sure what to do with ourselves. And with Boy Wonder's sad eyes and soulful pleadings to stay home with us for the day...well, I knew we had to do something special if we were going to justify such a day to ourselves.

Remember when I rode the bus from Eagle River (about a 20 mile commute each way, to and from work)? I hated it by the end. But my children are fascinated by city buses and Boo loves to scream "GOOD MORNING, BUS!" as soon as he spots one each morning. Wash, rinse, repeat...each time a bus rolls by our busy street.

A quick trip to ol' secured out route and we packed an "adventure bag" as Boy Wonder calls it. (Snacks, diapers, change of clothes, phone, money, blankie) and we ran to the nearest bus stop, bound for the kid's science museum downtown. It was an amazing adventure we shared and when we got home, Boo and I each took three hour naps while Boy Wonder putzed around!

The photographic evidence speaks for itself...we had one of the best, impromptu days EVAAAR!

Boy Wonder checking the timetables to make sure we'd arrive downtown in precisely 41 minutes. We did...give or take a few.

This is Monkey Steve Nash. He came along in the adventure bag. He rolled in the stroller with Boo, too.

We got downtown before the science museum opened, so we killed time hanging out at the Muffin Man Bakery. We found an Anchorage map and Boy Wonder plotted our current location with his left and and figured the six-block walk it would take to reach the museum.

We finally arrived at the Imaginarium and the first thing they found was the pretend undersea/waterbed thingie. Very scientific when someone else explains it, I promise.What toddler can resist a water table and boats? Not mine, obviously.

Boy Wonder found a self-propelled elevator. About halfway up he realized the amount of work required and promptly returned to solid ground.

A train table replicating the Alaska Railroad trains. Boo loved it, needless to say.

Every first grader needs their picture taken by an inspirational Michael Jordan quote.

And then? Time to make our way back downtown and to the bus terminal. Success!

Here's to more happy adventures this spring/summer....

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  1. What a cool place! My middle son loves buses too- actually any mode of transportation. That would've been enough to entertain him : )