Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Work In Progress on a Wednesday

This is a baby blanket I'm knitting for #3...who isn't due for another 9 weeks and that's a really, really good thing because I am not the fastest knitter on the planet. Garter stitch or not, I'm a slow poke.

I mentioned earlier that this lil' bird is going to be swathed in reds, whites, and aquas and so I started this stroller blanket out with the aqua color from Vanna's Choice Baby Yarn.

(Not only am I slow, I am NOT a yarn snob. I can't afford to be, honestly. Yarn is yarn is yarn as far as I'm concerned at this point in my needlework career.)

So in the beginning, I was going to follow this pattern from the Purl Bee. (I *heart* the Purl Bee.)

And I sorta did...kind of. (I've gotten this same blanket all the way to its fourth color on another project...but they are earth tones and I am NOT an earth tone fan. Don't ask why I picked them...I'm pretty sure it was a present for somebody but now I've forgotten who and lost interest in the darn browns and mustard yellows.)

Back to this the original pattern, I believe I was instructed to cast on to 133 sts. I cut that down a bit to 120 for no particular reason other than I was bored at about 115. Ha!

From there, you knit your little heart out in your chosen color until you reach 20 countable rows (about 40 rows worth of knitting all together). Change color. Repeat seven times.

Easy, right?

Well, at about row 12 in the aqua blue, I got bored. And switched to white. After about four rows, I realized I did not want big blocks of blue, white, and berry because it looked a little more French flag-ish than I intended. So the new plan is to alternate 12 rows of the berry color with 4 rows of the white until I get it long enough. Then I'll finish with the 12 rows of aqua and call it a day.


Now here's hoping I can finish the darn thing before the baby graduates from high school...

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  1. I am SURE it will be lovely! I dream of being a knitter, but alas I think I lack the patience... I know how to cast on... but beyond that, I'm a wreck...