Friday, April 8, 2011

Rhythm of days...

I thought about titling this post "traveling light" in honor of the recent spring cleaning madness in our playroom, in my cube at work, and most recently, of my friends' list on FB (whoa, that was exhilarating!)

But there's so much more to it than that. So much going on and at the same time, so little going on thanks to the weather. My boys are probably inches from fed up after being cooped up in the house with the snow/freeze/thaw cycle that's torturing us this week. I know I am.

Spring in Alaska can best be described in one word: ugly. You got it, U-G-L-Y and it takes a concentrated force of will not to become ugly and bedraggled and mean yourself when the scenery looks like this most of the days.

Then I figure, it must be hard to shed months and months of snowpile. Nearly impossible to do it with any sort of grace or beauty. Sorta like us, right? I've spent a year accumulating phsycial and emotional baggage...the shedding of said baggage ain't gonna be pretty and it sure ain't gonna be quick! So good on you, dear Alaska, for trudging through the spring cleaning of your landscape...

Inside the house, we've been on the hunt for inspiration. Inspiration to step away from the television, to enjoy the few hours we have together at play. To create.

Boo and I spent a few hours last week cutting out flash cards, both for him and for Boy Wonder. Give the boy a cup full of laminated picture cards and he goes hog wild. Boy Wonder and I invented "Story Makers" this week and it's become our favorite Monday/Wednesday post-dinner tradition. Lots of notecards cut into smaller pieces with all sorts of words...fairy tale elements, verbs, fantasy creatures, mundane objects. You named it, we put it on a card. After dinner we all sit around the couch and pull a card or two (yes, even Boo gets cards!). From there, we invent a lop-sided, mismatched, amazing story of our own that usually involves a young prince or two battling sharks before bedtime, only to be rescued by the brave knight on a spaceship. And then the beautiful good witch bakes them all cookies and lets them stay up past bedtime.

My family amazes me with their creativity and sheer sense of fun when we do these. I see the wheels turning in Boy Wonder's head as he tries to one up his last contribution and when his stories show up in his artwork in the following days, I know we are on to a great thing. Something television isn't offering him... You know what else he's developing a taste for? Shel Silverstein. Could I be any prouder?????????

In other news as we move a week or two into the last trimester, I've spent way too many minutes stalking Etsy and looking for baby girl inspiration. I was sure I was going to be a pink/brown fan, but it turns out I'm not. Funny how that happens. Fell in love with and am pursuing with reckless abandon the new red/white/aqua theme (yes, I realize it's not all THAT feminine, but so what?!?). Oh, and a gnome quilt made by fantidesigns. How I heart that quilt.

Three months or so to go...lots to do. So get on with the snowmelt Alaska...Mama needs her brainpower and inspiration back!


  1. I can't imagine the long wait for spring in Alaska. Growing up in the Southeast, when I lived in Michigan for several years it was difficult enough around this time of year. I have enjoyed exploring your sweet blog. Thanks for stopping by mine.

  2. Stopping by from SITS. Oh man, I can't imagine being cooped up inside for so long with little ones! It's finally starting to get warm here. Good luck!

  3. Oh, you're expecting a little girl after a couple sweet boys? Fun fun, from a mama who's living that exact adventure right now ;) (And I love red/white/aqua combinations! That quilt -- I die!)

    Also, I laughed out loud at the story example you gave; I imagine similar tales would be told in our house. Speaking of which, laminated story-starter cards are such a great idea! I'm totally making a set for my kiddos.