Friday, February 8, 2013

Coffee Date Link up (yay!)

my FIRST coffee talk with alissa at rags to stitches. and guess what? I wimped out on the vlog part. I know, I know. I had all the intentions in the world to work on it last night, but then my third grader and I made the world's WORST space hat for a parade he had today and we had to re-do it a 10 p.m. YUCK!

That said, I never made the vlog. (sad face). And trust me, ya'll wouldn't want to see me without the make up right I'll just do my typey typey thing and promise that NEXT week I will get on the video camera and babble away.


I felt terrible. I loved all of your vlogs this morning so I busted out the camera, skipped the makeup that might have masked my awful chipmunk cheeks and tired eyes...and vlogged. I cringe at my voice and my cheeks..but whatevs. It's for ya'll and ya'll are sooo worth it!

if we were to sit and have some coffee right now...

no kids allowed!

i would try not to talk about my kids. but then i'd have to tell you that my Boo is FOUR today. FOUR! ohmaigosh. he's such a big boy.

we're going to have some birthday donuts later, swing by our favorite park, have a pizza party tonight with the family, and hit the zoo tomorrow. i know, right? big deal around here!!

weight watchers

this was week two for me and i totally bombed on the tracking thing. last week, week one, i was a good girl and wrote down every miserable bite i took and lost almost four pounds. yaaaay! this week, for some reason, my hand is broken and i can't write it down. booooo! i weigh in at 7 a.m. tomorrow and i'm just a-hopin' and a-prayin' that i didn't totally undo all that hard work from a week before. i eat my meals just's just the snacks. they kill me. and having a house full of four kids means their cruddy snacks are everywhere...even the carpet. hahah! (i promise i don't eat ground up cheez its...thought it's crossed my mind in my darkest hour...)


i'm a little more than a week into my blog everyday in february and i haven't fallen off yet! wahoo! it's actually not too hard since i combined my food blog over when i am lazy i can muster together some old recipe of mine and it counts as a post. is that cheating?? hahha. and photoblogs...ohhhh photoblogs are my favorite way to take up space. what about you? how do you keep blogging when you have nothing to say?

i'm also still in the planning phases of a hyper local blog but i am just stuck on the content. do i want to focus on writers and things to do in the awesome creative writing community here in the houston area (there's tons) or do i want to do a family fun on a budget thing? there are lots of online family calendars but none of them attempt to help out large families like ours by suggesting tricks and tips to do fun stuff without re-financing the house or selling the car to buy zoo tickets. i guess if i don't know, it means the idea isn't solidly formed in my head. so i need to keep doodling, brainstorming, and learning about wordpress...because when i finally launch it, i'm going to go all in and go wordpress for the first time. wheeeee!

so enough about me?

how are you?

did you vlog, you overachiever? (i'm proud of you!)

did you blog like me? (it's totally ok, too. you're still a rockstar...)

what's going on with you this week?

lotsa love!



  1. I love your vlog! I love all the kids in the background. Good luck with Weight Watchers. I am not sure how I follow you but I would like to.

    1. Haha! Thanks, Kimberly. I felt like a real nerd talking to myself...thank goodness the kids were around to keep me company. I think I fixed the subscription thing. Hope I did, anyway, with the widget. Have a great weekend!

  2. Love that you just vlogged, I wish I had the courage to just go for it. Maybe next week!