Monday, February 4, 2013

crowded kitchen: one super strawberry smoothie

i hate dieting.

to take it one step further, i have never ever, ever EVEREVEREVER succeeded on a diet.  (that sentence makes me so sad to write, but it's true.)

three times in my adult life, i have been overweight. twice i have shed the weight. neither of those times did it happen thanks to some awesome diet where i got to eat bacon and eggs all day and skipped fruit. it happened when i started a sport (first judo, then jiu jitsu) and trained like a crazy person. the weight fell off without me stressing about it.

fast forward a kid or two. or three. and i just can't make it to the gym to roll anymore. period. it sucks, i cry and lament about it with patrick when i'm really down, but the trade-off is this wonderful family we're blessed with, so i've accepted that it's just not my season to be a jiu jitsu purple belt all star ...yet. (i'm stubborn and haven't given up on my dream. it'll happen.)

but that still leaves me stuck in the middle of a really long journey. i weighed about 200 pounds a couple weeks after riley roo was born this summer. ugh. i hate reading that. the good news? i burned through about 25 pounds in the early fall. SUHWEET! christmas came, and with it came five of those pounds back. damn.

so here i am with no real way to work my pounds off as my life currently stands and yet i want more than anything to be in shape, active, healthy, and full of energy. and lugging these damn 35 pounds around on my carcass isn't making anybody happy, least of all me.

so i made this crazy promise to myself that i'd lose the last 35 pounds by my 35th birthday and write about it here. i ponied up some bucks, marched my defeated self into a 7 a.m. saturday morning meeting at weight watchers and nearly barfed when the scale spoke it's awful, ugly truth. but then it was over. and i went about my life for the past week. and i lost 3.8 pounds when i went to my meeting on saturday. hell yeah!

the whole point of this story is that this is damn hard. i love food. i love to eat. without hours of sweating my a$# off in a gi, well, i don't get to eat like i used to. but i don't want to trade chemicals and food-like products with the real stuff just to get skinny. chemicals suck.

to satiate my god-awful sweet tooth, i started making this smoothie for my mid-morning breakfast. boo loves it so much he calls it his smoothie, but it's cool. i can share. the bonus? for those following points, it's only 4 points plus. woooo!

it's so easy i almost feel guilty posting this as a recipe. i said almost...

megan's fantastic strawberry smoothie

1/2 cup lowfat coconut greek yogurt (it's what i had on hand from yoplait and turned out great)
1/2 cup lowfat milk
3/4 cup frozen strawberries (or whatever 0 point fruit you have on hand)

bleeeeeeeeeeeend away.

easy peasy, right?

note: you might yours a little sweeter. no problem, use a little stevia for zero points or calcuate what a little splash of honey will cost you. i also think it would taste fantastic with almond milk, as i'm pretty partial to the stuff.

...happy eating...


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